Why choose a BABCP accredited CBT therapist?

‘CBT therapist’ is not a protected title. This can make it difficult to know whether a person offering CBT is suitably trained.

The BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) is the main standard setting organisation for CBT in the UK and Ireland. Full BABCP accreditation (not to be confused with BABCP membership, which is available to anybody with an interest in CBT) indicates that the therapist meets the BABCP’s standards for training, competence, experience and ethical practice.

BABCP accredited therapists usually have prior professional training and experience in a related role (e.g., mental health nursing; psychology; or occupational therapy). In addition to what you should expect from any psychological therapist (e.g., treating you with kindness and respect, and listening well) BABCP accreditation ensures that CBT therapists have become skilful in a range of cognitive behavioural therapy methods. This includes ways of asking questions, and helping you to making sense of issues, and experiment with change. A (BABCP accredited) CBT therapist should be able to individualise therapy in response to your situation and needs, while also remaining consistent with a cognitive-behavioural framework.

The CBT register

You may check the accreditation of any therapist by using the BABCP accreditation check and entering their surname into the CBT register (clicking here).

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