I recommend checking whether you can access suitable therapy through the NHS before considering funding it yourself. Speaking with your GP is usually the best place to start. There are also various charitable organisations offering low-cost or free-of-charge therapy and counselling. Bristol Mind provides a comprehensive list of counselling services which are local to Bristol. If you’re outside of Bristol, checking your local Mind website may be worthwhile. The Hub of Hope also hosts a national counselling/therapy/support provider database.

Do you provide health insurance funded CBT?

I am currently registered with WPA. I recommend checking your level of coverage before arranging CBT (given the variety of health insurance policies available through various providers).

Do you offer CBT online?

Yes, all therapy sessions are currently online.

Do you provide CBT to children?

I am experienced and suitably trained to offer CBT to those aged 17 and over. If you wish to help fund sessions for a loved one, please note that I would not usually share information that was disclosed during therapy.

Is what I tell you confidential?

I abide by the BABCP standards of conduct, performance, and ethics. This includes respecting your confidentiality. I would sometimes seek your consent to contact your GP to let them know that you are having therapy (mainly if they are actively involved in your care) or to make recommendations about your mental (or associated physical) health care plan. I may need to contact your GP (or other relevant people) if I have serious concerns for your welfare (or someone else’s). Any information shared under such circumstances would always be kept to a minimum and shared only with relevant people – with your knowledge and permission, wherever possible.